HR metrics are an important way to measure the cost and the impact of employee programs and HR processes. It is how organizations measure the value of the time and money spent on HR activities in their organizations.

Below are examples of some of the popular HR metrics:

Recruiting – Time to fill positions, the result indicate the level of Recruitment capabilities.

Retention - Turnover rate, Results often indicate how much each separating employee is costing the company and help the company create proactive plans to prevent the loss of top talent.

A lot of savings and improvements can be achieved if proper metrics are regularly monitored. Based on our experience in the market we know that most HR Departments are struggling to keep up with the growing demands on their services and that’s why our HR Metrics program is an excellent solution for the busy HR Teams. Our HR Consultants will help with selecting appropriate metrics and making sure the data collection process is streamlined so HR and Executive Management can see the results on a monthly basis.