Research, Your Interview Homework


October 25, 2013

Research has always been the key of succeeding, it doesn’t matter if you’re building a house, writing a thesis, competing in a race or starting your own company, research is, like the French say, le pièce de résistance. It’s the same with interviews, if you want to ace an interview you must first research the company, its products, its problems, its opportunities and its competitors.

Why will research help you? Because you will be able to fully demonstrate your enthusiasm for the career field and the organization, highlight your skills, values and knowledge that matches the company’s and also determine if this is the organization to which you would want to devote the next few years of your work life. Consider research your homework for an interview, it’s imperative to do it or else you won’t get the job.

In a society where almost everyone has access to the internet, research is very easily done. Here are some guidelines on how to research a company online before your job interview.

  1. Enter the name of the company in a search engine to find the company’s website; it is very unlikely for a company not to have its own website.
  2. Once you're in the company's site, focus your attention on sections such as About Us, Products, Services, and Partners. These sections will give you an insight about the company’s goals, profile and history.
  3. See what markets it targets and how your skills could fit in and try to assess the job requirements in order to display the right ones.
  4. Find the "News" and "Press Releases" sections if available and you will find information on the new projects and other changes in the company.
  5. Search for all relevant information about your job profile, it doesn’t hurt to be preventive.
  6. Browse through blogs and forums, an employee or someone who has been interviewed but didn’t get the job can post good information about the company or the recruitment process. Blogs are a great way to get inside information.

Use the information you come across in your research to your benefit, during the job interview, if you don’t use what you have learned all your research will have been in vain. Once your research is complete, bear in mind that you are fully prepared and nothing can surprise you during the interview. Remember you can never know "too much" about an organization.


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