Employer Branding


January 22, 2014

Employer Branding

Employer Branding refers to the way that an organization markets itself to potential employees. In just the same way that successful companies have developed brands that attract consumers to buy their products and services so employers can use a similar approach to attract new staff.

In fact many of the companies that do have outstanding consumer brands are also perceived to be extremely good places to work and organisations like Google and Apple (to give just two examples) receive thousands of unsolicited job applications every day. These organisations don’t need to spend huge sums of money on recruitment advertising because they are able to generate a large talent pool from which to select talented staff based purely on their attractive employer brand.

To really deliver the benefits of employer branding organisations need to not only say that they are good employers (on their company web site for example) but they also have to deliver the brand as the actual experience of both recruits and existing employees. A satisfied employee can be the best advertisement for your business but of course the reverse can also be true. With the growth of social media it’s very likely that candidates and employees will be quick to comment on examples of both good and bad recruitment and employment practice. In a recent survey of employers in the US, 83% commented that “employer brand significantly impacts their ability to hire great talent”.


How to develop a strong employer brand

A good starting point would be to carry out a survey of your existing staff. This can be anonymous and should give you a real insight into how your own people rate you as an employer. Listen to their concerns and make sure that, within reason, you address them. Listening and responding to your employees is the very basis of building a solid employer brand.

Next analyse your recruitment process step-by-step. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a potential new employee applying to work for your organisation. The process starts with a carefully written job advertisement that provides an opportunity to sell your organisation to potential employees. This could in turn lead to an attractive section of your company web site (or careers site) with more in-depth information about your organisation and the benefits of working together. Many organisations now also include employee profiles on their careers sites so that job applicants can get a real understanding of the opportunities available to them.

It’s vital that the initiative to introduce an employer branding strategy is fully supported at the most senior level within your organisation. There is a strong business case that clearly shows that investment in your employer brand will pay dividends in enabling you to hire and retain the talented people that you need to succeed.


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