Managed Recruitment 


HR teams are being stretched to the limit, so a managed recruitment service is often a welcome relief to them. Managed services mean that our consultants become an integral part of your HR function – with a total focus on recruitment.

Who is it for?

Start-Up Companies who need to launch services fairly quickly and don't have a recruitment team in place.
Companies facing challenges with keeping up with growth and demand on meeting deadlines and at the same time want to focus on other important HR activities.
Companies that have seasonal requirements that are significantly variable.

How does it work?

We send/assign a member of our Recruitment Staff to your business. They advertise your vacancies, source CVs and headhunt, review and filter applications, create candidate shortlists and support you with your ongoing labor requirements.

How does it help?

You improve quality By refining processes, measuring results and acting as a central point of contact for your hiring needs, your recruitment capability is improved. We know your industry well, so we help you find the best talent quickly and efficiently. We don't settle for second best.
You save time
We're focused on recruitment, so it takes you less time to fill your vacancies. We take the legwork out of your hands, which means you will focus on the selection only. By relieving you of operational duties, you have more time to spend on strategic HR and retention activities.
You reduce costs
By managing a wide range of sourcing channels in a strategic and controlled process, we can ensure that the best talent is sourced via the correct channel in the most cost effective way. These channels can include internal staff, pre built talent pools, your database, 1ST Talent database, on line and off line advertising, networking and executive search and 3rd party agencies. Our typical Managed Service client saves between 20 and 50% of their annual recruitment costs, whilst increasing quality and reducing time to hire.