In 2009, 1st Talent was founded by Mutassim Al Kahtani, SPHR an experienced and talented Saudi entrepreneur. The company was established to compete as an HR Solution provider and managed to build good reputation by insisting on following a strict standard of quality in everything it does. 1st Talent prides itself on 5 key competencies:

Visionary Mind

"We know where the change is, see new value in an early stage and deliver innovative solutions. "


Pioneering spirit & Problem Solving

"We love the adventure of being the first at what we do, we are the best at developing new approaches to make things work, & when things don’t work, we know how to fix it"

Flexible work style

"We respond fast to clients and tailor our solutions to customer needs. Because we know "the only constant in life is change. "

Result driven

"We focus on results. We always deliver value to our clients because we want them to know that they can count on us"

Knowledge pool

"We know how to find the most updated HR related data, collect the most relevant information and have the analytical skills to process this into solutions "